Drainage & Civil Contractor Terms of Trade Kit


Drainlaying & Civil Contracting Services

Terms of Trade for drainlayers and civil contractors offering trenching, drainage and civil services

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Civil contractors who get water flowing, trenches opened and service ducting installed. Be clear about your charge out rates, plant hireage and get your customers clear on who is sorting consents while also getting all the legal protections in place to suit your services. 

> Drainage system design & installation

> Soak Holes, Retention and Detention Tanks

> Water Tank, Grease Trap and Septic Tank Installations

> Drain unblocking & investigations 

> Services Trenching


This kit sets you up for future security and success with downloadable terms of trade tailored to YOUR trade sector. Contains set-up guides for all major accounting software to show you where and how to load your terms into your settings. Plus we give you the exact legal wording to add to the bottom of your quotes and invoices templates inside your software to make sure your T&Cs are accepted with every quote, estimate and apply to each invoice issued so you’re legally protected every job, every time. 

This kit contains:

  • Terms of Trade (applies to both residential and commercial clients)
  • Set-Up Checklist for All Major Quoting Software Programmes (Xero, MYOB Essentials, Fergus, Aroflo and more)
  • Quote Footer Template Wording (to add direct to your quoting software)
  • Invoice Footer Template Wording (to add into your invoice software)
  • Email Template Kit (Quote Cover Email, Customer Job Start, Variation, Cost Increases)
  • Residential Client Onboarding Checklist (complimentary)
  • Commercial & Municipal Client Onboarding Checklist (complimentary)
  • Website T&Cs Set-Up Checklist (complimentary)

All terms of trade templates are in Word format for quick and easy editing to add your biz details.

All checklists in PDF format to easily view online or print out.  

LEGAL STUFF:  This kit constitutes legal information and is not a substitute for independent legal advice. These terms of trade are drafted by legally qualified professionals and are suited to the laws of the country you select at checkout.