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We offer training and consulting services to your trades business on client onboarding, schedules of rates and setting smarter payment terms

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to get payment terms sorted

Take it from a Tradie Terms® Customer

Brad was starting out and keen to get protections in place so his plumbing business got off to the right start: getting paid.

Tradie Terms - the #1 solution for solid terms of trade & payment terms

Tradie Terms® was founded by contracting expert and experienced legal professional Sian Wingate. 

Her mission is to help trades business owners to:

 Get Protected with Terms of Trade

Get Professional with a top quality quoting process

Get Paid Faster with smart payment terms

Get Paid More with solid schedules of rates 

Her one to one training & consulting service is how plumbers, electricians, builders and other trade business owners can access no-fuss, easy-to-implement improvements to their business to make it legally sound & get paid faster.

We work with

trades business owners such as







We can help! with one to one contract coaching

Do you want to feel in control and confident in your business?

Riaan went from waiting weeks to be paid to getting his cash flow in top condition with our one-to-one service.

We coached Riaan to implement our custom-designed:

>> schedule of rates card to enable his waterproofing business to recover all the costs possible for a job

>> tender response template for him to bid for larger commercial projects with ease

>> terms of trade and a new quoting process to present a professional, organised impression to win more work


The Result? His biz is growing faster than he could imagine and he feels in control & professional.

Our proven


has been created to help you...

Tradie Terms saves time


We can help you to set smarter payment terms to suit the stages of your projects and services.

Examples include coaching you how to:

invoice earlier in your job cycle

recover more of your costs using a rate card

invoice faster using smart payment tools

identify if you can collect repeat monthly payments (scheduled services)

set up a profitable call-out fee

Tradie Terms find financial freedom


We help you to improve the number and quality of jobs you win using our best-practice quoting process.

Examples include coaching you how to:

issue professional quotes and estimates worded and branded well

create customer service emails that show you’re a professional business

respond to tenders with a slick set of response templates

create online booking forms that win you easy work

Tradie Terms get paid faster


We help you to build smarter schedules of rates to recover the true cost of each job or project

Examples include coaching you how to:

assess the hidden extra costs into your rates

pass through third-party costs

recover establishment & site induction costs

how to charge for travel

how to build a call-out fee

how to handle variations

What's the process for working with Tradie Terms®?

Getting started

We deliver our one-to-one service in 3 simple steps.

We do this because your time is precious. 

You need to be able to make simple but powerful changes in a short timeframe. 

Our free, no-obligation, 15-minute chat is the best way to quickly figure out if our Get Paid Faster training can help you. Book your call here.

You’ll meet via Zoom with Sian, our terms of trade and contracting expert.

During the session, you will be guided through a friendly Q&A plus guided assistance on issues noted from our initial call.

We ensure you receive the targeted training or consulting resources needed. 

Typical examples include: 

  • Custom Terms of trade based on your expert session input
  • Customer service email templates to deliver key information in a professional, targeted way
  • Schedule of Rates documents to help you apply best practice to recover costs for your services
  • Personalised recommendations to help you to address the gaps and issues that cause your payment hassles across quoting, terms and customer service


Are you ready to

Get in touch to schedule a free 15-minute chat and learn how my one to one service can help you and your business.

Tradie Terms


Our Set Smart Payment Terms™ coaching helps you to ask for payment earlier and more frequently. The key to cash flow success. 

It’s made exclusively for tradies – there’s no frills, no lawyers, no offices, no hefty fees. Just our tried and tested methods to stage your payments in a way that boosts your cash flow. 

Our Set Smart Payment Terms™ coaching session helps you target where your quoting, communication processes and systems need to improve so you can increase payment frequency, reduce queries from customers and shore up your terms of trade to get protected. 

This blended approach of legal expertise delivered inside an easy-to-follow, guided method is unique to Tradie Terms®.

Our terms of trade expert Sian works with you to build your customised Tradie Terms Toolkit™.

This contains:

  • personalised recommendations of key changes to how and when you request payment
  • a set of custom terms of trade tailored to your needs
  • quote and invoice templates ready to load into your invoicing software
  • schedule of rates to ensure you capture all the costs for your services
  • customer service email templates to be best-in-class
  • contracting checklists to help you, your administrator or whomever helps with the admin side of the business to easily implement the changes.


Tradies (and their bookkeepers) love the simplicity and professional feel of these kits.

Hello, I'm sian

I founded Tradie Terms® to help independent trades business owners improve their financial stability.

As an experienced infrastructure lawyer, I realised my practical approach to rate card creation for large corporations could also benefit small business owners.

By adopting my rate card training, tradies can ensure they capture all costs and set smarter payment terms to invoice earlier and more frequently in the job cycle.

With one to one help from Tradie Terms®, tradies can get paid more and improve their cash flow.


The sharpest trades biz owners are working with me one to one to  take control to get paid more often, create satisfied clients and regain control of their cash flow. Are you ready to join them?

What tradies say

You don’t have to take our word for it – check out what the trades business owners we have worked with have to say about the 1-to-1 service and how it has changed their business for the better.