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- without paying hefty legal fees or giving up hours and hours of your time?

Then you’re in the right place. Tradie Terms of Trade Kits™ will help you to take control of your cash flow and protect your profits. 

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As the daughter to a panel beater, partner to an engineer and a seasoned contract management and legal expert with more than a decade of experience working directly alongside leading civil works, construction and infrastructure contracting businesses Sian Wingate knows a thing or two about terms of trade.

Sian has spent years as a lawyer inside big corporates helping their engineering, procurement and project management teams to simplify their contracting processes, issue tenders, create costs proposals, streamline invoice procedures and write terms & conditions that suit the projects being worked on. Her main focus? Getting every one paid on time. 

And when Sian started to be asked by her tradie friends to help them find somewhere to access low-cost terms of trade after constantly being short-paid, messed around and feeling out-of-their-depth, she realised that there was a HUGE gap in the small, independent trades sector.

This gap was access to affordable, easy-to-implement terms of trade that suit the trade business that needs it. 

Sian kept meeting more and more tradies who were spending hours working on quotes into night time hours, chasing payments, feeling fed up with customers calling the shots on their payments and starting to think that getting paid on time, in-full and without hassles was nothing but a pipe dream.  

Sian launched Tradie Terms® in 2019 and has helped hundreds of trades across more than 30 trade types to get set up with solid, legally sound and tailored Terms of Trade that suit their trades business.

Tradie Terms® has a proven track record for helping tradies get paid faster with practical, actionable guidance on how to set up their terms inside quotes and estimates, add to websites and add the correct legal wording to these essential documents.

Tradies who chat with Sian or access her tips via the Get Paid Faster Tips she offers with every set of Terms of Trade feel reassured that she’s a no-nonsense, no-fuss and easy-going lady from Liverpool in the UK who is on a mission to help tradies just like her dad to get set up, sorted and paid faster. 

The ONLY service in New Zealand specialising in

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With our expertly written Terms of Trade , easy-to-follow practical set up steps and simple FAQs on how to set them up into your quotes + invoices, we’ll show you exactly how to make simple yet powerful changes to your quoting process that will result in you getting protected, professional and paid faster. 

Our Terms of Trade Kits are designed so you can get Terms of Trade set up in three simple steps.

Get Protected with Terms of Trade Suited to Your Services

Get protected sorted with downloadable, legally-sound terms of trade.

We supply expertly written terms of trade that will protect your profits and your cash flow with the right terms & conditions suited to your type of trade business. More than 30 trade types + small business categories covered.

Get Professional & Protected with T&Cs Added to Your Quotes, Estimates + Bookings

Ensure your T&Cs apply for every job or project every time.

We supply you with
the correct legal wording and set-up steps to add or link your T&Cs to your quote and estimate templates so your terms of trade and payment terms are legally accepted from the start.

Protect Your Payment Rights with Payment Terms in Invoices

Ensure you inform your customers of your payment terms in every invoice.

We supply you with the T&Cs and wording to add to your invoices that ensure you have rights to apply default interest, late payment fees and have debt recovery rights for late or unpaid invoices. Protecting your rights to payment starts with your T&Cs.

What You'll get

in your Tradie Terms of Trade Kit™


You get downloadable Terms of Trade in Word format designed for your specific trade or business type, professionally written by legally qualified experts with decades of experience.


You get the help you need to get your terms of trade set up into your selected quoting software with with videos and help articles for all major software systems from Xero, to MYOB and more.


You get the specific wording to add your invoice, quote and estimate footers to link back to your terms of trade and payment terms.

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Leaine Jones, managing director of Jones Business Solutions shares her reasons for trusting Tradie Terms as her #1 go-to for Terms of Trade for her business and bookkeeping clients.

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Select your Trade Type and get instant access to a fully-customised downloadable set of Terms of Trade that are tailored to your trade sector. 

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Download your custom Tradie Terms of Trade Kit™, which contains all the right legal protections for your trade type.

Get help with the essential next steps of actually loading your terms of trade into your quoting and invoicing software or onto your website with our User Guides and Exclusive Tradie Terms Help Centre. 

  • Step by Step guides to show you how to add your terms of trade into your quoting & invoicing software (Xero, MYOB, Fergus, Tradify, SimPro and more)

You will also receive access to the Tradie Terms Help Centre™, which offers exclusive tips on customer service, setting smart payment terms and how to understand the nuts and bolts of your terms of trade.

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How can you get set up with solid Terms of Trade with Tradie Terms®?


We offer an instant, fixed price service. We do this because your time is precious and you need to be able to get your trades business protected with legally-sound terms & conditions in a short timeframe, without a single visit or call to an expensive  lawyer.


more than 30 trade types including:





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Blake’s business BN Electrics was exposed with no solid terms of trade, now he’s feeling confident and covered.

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Tradie Terms is designed to help only trades businesses. We know that trades business owners are offered heaps of help for your health & safety training, your bookkeeping and your specialist skill area. But not a lot outside stuffy law firms for getting your terms of trade sorted and building a crystal clear quoting process to get you paid on time.

We’re on a mission to change that. We want to equip you with the best contracting know-how by offering you with Terms of Trade created by a legal and contracting expert who has spent years training big industry on contract management and now wants to bring it to the smaller guys on the front-line.


Sorry, no can do. We sell our Terms of Trade templates to you only.

We love referrals though so if you want to sing our praises and tell a tradie mate to buy our template kits, they’ll get 10% off with promo code Mate10 

How’s that for being a great mate?!

Yep, this is completely an option. Everyone loves something for free. But if your goal is to build terms of trade that will protect your payment and profit, you need to have a solid understanding of how they help. Words on a page are not the fix. You need to follow the right legal set up steps for your Terms of Trade to apply at the right time of your quoting process. 


We can help with that in our Set Up Guides inside our exclusive Help Centre

Not with us! We do have an office but you’re busy. You’re on the tools and have limited time to sort paperwork or attend meetings. So we meet you over Zoom from the comfort of your own home, office or site. That way we can share key info over screens and show you examples – it works way better than having to find a car park and sit in a stuffy office.

Tradie Terms is not a law firm – and we’re pretty proud of that. What we are is a team of legal and contracting experts who can guide you to use our template kits plus a special blend of training via set-up steps and tips so you can get legally covered but without the hefty lawyer fees. That means there’s no scary, suits ‘n’ shirts meetings here and no over the top lawyer language that you just can’t keep up with.

So we won’t be your solicitor/lawyer/attorney (whatever you call the legal guy or gal where you’re from). And because Tradie Terms is not a law firm, no one working here will be acting as your lawyer and no lawyer-client relationship is created if you choose to work with us.

Well it depends how you look at it. Yes, we help you to avoid the need for a debt collector after followed our top tips on collecting payment earlier and more often in your job cycle with clear cover emails, reminders and customer service tips. The Tradie Terms Help Centre does include some do-it-yourself chasing emails and debt collection scripts. However, if it’s already got to that point where you have an overdue debt, we don’t offer debt collection services. That’s a specialist service so you’ll need to get in touch with a certified debt collection agent.

Depending where you’re based, a building contract is usually highly specialised and contains specific requirements for residential builds over a certain value. In NZ, for example, if your build job is for a new build over $30,000 (and when wouldn’t it be over this price), your Tradie Terms T&Cs won’t be detailed enough.

So we recommend you use the contract templates offered by your building association. 

Yes you can! There are always options to add custom text, attach T&Cs or embed a link to terms you have added to a website page in the main trade software companies.

We have researched or directly worked with the majority of trades software products to get the lowdown on how to do this and offer software set up helpsheets in our Set Up Guide.

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