About Tradie Terms

About Tradie Terms®

Our mission is to make your life easier

Getting paid on time, regularly and without hassle is the key to a

successful business.

What we stand for

What we believe in shapes what we deliver. These four key values drive our service at Tradie Terms®.

Supporting Tradies

Everything we do is made for tradies. That's why it works so well. Our training is for independent, small-to-medium sized trades business owners.

Getting Results

There are no fancy bells and whistles here. Just straight-up, practical advice that is easy to understand and put into action so you get results.

Sharing Knowledge

We help tradies to understand what goes into your terms and how that will impact your cash flow. With our knowledge, your business will thrive.

Being Affordable

Setting your business up to get paid faster and protect your profit shouldn't cost you the earth. We provide quality service without the hefty fees.

Our Founder

Former lawyer and Tradie Terms® founder Sian Wingate talks about how her expertise helps trades business owners.

Our Story

It all started when Sian Wingate created a contract training programme for a multimillion-dollar business so it could outsource $80m of infrastructure and contract work and she realised how sharing her knowledge could powerfully transform leaders and their businesses.

That’s when Sian started meeting tradies who were going round in circles with clients, chasing payments and feeling fed up with customers calling the shots on when to pay.

Sian started running her unique training for trades business owners in 2019. Tradie Terms® has grown from helping a few tradies locally to helping trades business owners across New Zealand and Australia.

Started in 2019

A seasoned legal expert took her knowledge and started using it to help tradies transform their businesses.

Expert crew

Our small but mighty team deliver top-notch, personalised service to every tradie on our books.

Supporting small-medium sized businesses

Expertly taking big business, industry knowledge & tailoring it specifically to help tradies who run their own independent business.

New Zealand Owned & Operated

Proudly based in New Zealand, helping tradies across NZ & Australia.

Expert minds at your service

Tradie Terms founder Sian Wingate

Sian Wingate

Founder & Lead Trainer

 A former lawyer with two decades of legal experience and 10+ solid years of hands-on, practical delivery of contract skills training programmes inside civil works, construction and infrastructure contracting businesses.

Sian conducts the one-on-one Expert Sessions, creates the educational videos and designs our unique training.

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green

Operations & Programme Manager

A seasoned programme manager with 15 years of experience leading practical, people-focused operations, relationship management, quality assurance and customer service training.

Chelsea manages day-to-day operations, designs the programme for our training and advises on customer service techniques.

Leanne Rookes Tradie Terms

Leanne Rookes

Customer Success Assistant

An experienced executive assistant with customer service training to handle queries, account management and customer onboarding boosted by a solid background as a legal secretary.

Leanne looks after our customer onboarding and accounts payable.

Work with our team

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