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Let’s collaborate and get the tradies on your books set up and sorted with solid Terms of Trade!

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Boost your know-how on payment terms and contracting to help your clients use their terms of trade to get paid earlier and more often with terms designed for tradies who sell call-out, charge-up and project trade services

Build value for clients

Connect your clients with a discounted offer to get instant- downloadable terms of trade which you can add to their quoting software settings and make your practice stand-out against all the noise.

Unlock free training

Access our exclusive partner training resources to build your own contracting savvy and add more value to your clients by helping them customise quotes, onboard commercial clients and more.

How do we work together?

At Tradie Terms® we know that tradies rely on their accountants, business consultants and bookkeepers to help them best navigate their business needs.

So we’ve created the Tradie Terms® Affiliate Programme to build a community where we can support each other and help our trades customers to get paid faster.

Help Your Clients to Get protected, Get Professional and Get Paid Faster


Getting your hands on legally-sound terms of trade for your clients is simple. We provide everything you need.

We love to get to know our affiliates personally. Your clients are important to you. So you want to know who you are referring them to. 

  • We always start with a chat via video call with Sian our terms of trade expert and founder of Tradie Terms
  • You and Sian chat and get to know each other
  • Sian will explain how the Terms of Trade Set Up Service works and explain the affiliate options


Every affiliate is different.

That’s why we offer two options of affiliate benefits to choose from:

  • Affiliate Fees we offer a 10% referral fee for every successful referral * 
  • Affiliate Discount we offer a 10% discount to pass through to your client *

*Terms apply See our Affiliate Terms and Conditions

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Making a referral is easy. No forms or online links. 

  • Refer by Email to let us know your client’s name, contact number, business and email 
  • We Arrange a Call from our terms of trade expert Sian 
  • We Chat with Your Client to explain how we work, assess their needs and offer a quote

We cater to every trade type. A quick chat is the best way to ensure we get to know your client and look after them, just the way you would. 

  • We Keep You Informed so you know how things are going
  • We Confirm if your referral has gone ahead and we pass on the affiliate benefit you have selected at sign-up


Depending on the option you chose at sign up we either:

  • Apply a Discount to your client’s quote
  • Pass on an Affiliate Fee following payment from your client

We explain all the nuts and bolts in your welcome email. 


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Many Affiliates are bookkeepers. If this is you, we will work together to implement your client’s terms of trade. 

Typically this includes:

  • You assist with loading terms into their invoicing or job management software
  • We hop into a call if needed to troubleshoot upload queries 
Affiliates also like us to share blogs, co-host seminars or join as a podcast guest. 


If you would like us to help you to build your client’s contracting know-how, we can work together collaboratively. 


Building a strong community is a core value for us here at Tradie Terms. 

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Unlock Affiliate Benefits

Get access to exclusive affiliate offers, build value for your clients and make your practice stand out from the crowd with value-added services.

Tradie Terms
Meet sian

Founder Sian Wingate, is a seasoned legal expert with two decades of legal experience and 10+ solid years of working directly with leading civil works, construction and infrastructure contracting businesses. 

Sian started Tradie Terms® to use her extensive experience to help independent trades business owners, who don’t have access to costly lawyers and legal experts day to day to access affordable Terms of Trade and guidance on how to set smart payment terms, create schedules of rates and improve their quoting processes.

Tradie Terms® has a proven track record for helping tradies to get paid faster with practical, actionable training. 

Hit play to learn why Tradie Terms® partners with accountants, bookkeepers and business advisors and how it can help tradies.

Why Tradie Terms

Tradie Terms get time

we'll be there every step of the way

We have a mutual goal – for your clients to get set up and sorted with terms of trade to protect their profits and set payment terms that empower them to get paid faster! We’ll work together to ensure their quote documents, terms of trade & payment terms work toward this goal.

Tradie Terms find financial freedom

purpose built resources for tradies

We’ve designed our template store to offer an affordable, instant way to access terms of trade specific for over 30 trade types ready to implement into the settings of software you’re adept at using that enables you to offer a valuable add-on service for your clients.

Tradie Terms get paid faster


A tradie getting paid regularly and on time is the kind of client you need on the books. Together we can implement terms of trade and payment terms to stabilise their cash flow. One to one services are available for your clients if they need schedules of rates or pricing coaching to achieve better profitability.

Book a Affiliate CALL TO LEARN MORE

Chat with Sian over zoom and a cuppa to learn more about her work with bookkeepers, accountants and business advisors which is helping our trades and small business sector clients to get set up with terms of trade and improve cashflow protections.

Bookkeepers trust us because

we're the experts

Hear from a Tradie Terms® PARTNER

In this 30 second video, Leaine Jones, managing director of Jones Business Solutions shares her reasons for trusting Tradie Terms as her #1 go-to for Terms of Trade for her business and bookkeeping clients.

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