Arborist Terms of Trade Kit


Arborist Services

Terms of Trade for arborists offering tree removal, trimming and stump grinding services



Arborists who remove trees, trim them, grind stumps and clear trees from power lines.  Be clear about your charge out rates,  inform your customers what consents they must arrange and get all the legal protections in place to suit your services. 

>Tree Removal and Trimming

>Stump Grinding

>Site and Land Clearing

>Power Line Tree Hazard Clearance

>Emergency Tree Removal


This kit contains:

  • Terms of Trade 
  • Quote Footer Wording
  • Invoice Footer Wording 
  • Easy-to-Follow Set Up Guide to add T&Cs plus custom footer wording into All Major Quoting Software (Xero, MYOB Essentials, Fergus, Aroflo, Tradify and more)

All terms of trade templates are in Word format for quick and easy editing to add your biz details.

LEGAL STUFF:  This kit constitutes legal information and is not a substitute for independent legal advice. These terms of trade are drafted by legally qualified professionals and are suited to the laws of the country you select at checkout.