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Available for both Australia and New Zealand

Tradie Terms® was founded by experienced infrastructure lawyer Sian Wingate to help trades business owners get set up with Terms of Trade.  It’s how plumbers, electricians, builders and other trade business owners make their business legally sound & get paid faster.


trades business owners across Australia and New Zealand such as

Builders & Handyman Services

Plumbers & Drainlayers

Electricians & Solar Installers

Landscapers & Lawn Care

Architectural Designers

As a trades business owner do you

Do you want to feel in control and confident in your business?

Neil went from doing a job on a wing and prayer to feeling confident and covered with Terms of Trade targeted to his manufacturing business.

Check out his story below. 


More than 30 different trade types covered

Available for both Australia and New Zealand

Our Tailored, Legally Sound

have been designed to ensure you

Tradie Terms saves time

Get paid more often

Including invoicing options in your T&Cs that entitle you to request payment earlier and more often in your job cycles boosts your cash flow.

Tradie Terms find financial freedom

Have happier clients

Using simple, clear wording we provide for you to include in your quotes & emails makes your clients happier because they know what to expect at every stage. 

Tradie Terms get paid faster

Earn More cash

Presenting a professional, well-structured quote to a customer that is backed up with solid terms of trade gives you confidence to charge what you’re worth.


How Do You Get Access to Your Instant Terms of Trade from Tradie Terms®?

We offer a simple, no-fuss download option to access fixed price Terms of Trade within minutes. We do this because your time is precious and you need to be able to make simple but powerful changes in a short timeframe, without a single visit or call to an expensive lawyer. 

Hop over to our Store and select the Terms of Trade Kit for your trade.

Not sure which is the best kit for your trade? Easy As.

Just hop onto a FREE 15 min call and we’ll let you know which one suits.  Book your call here.

We have over 30 Terms of Trade Kits for tradies across all Australian states & territories and New Zealand. 

Simply select your country at checkout.

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No quotes, no waiting to talk to a lawyer.

Just a one-time fixed low-cost price. 

No hidden extra costs we don’t do upsells or lock you into ongoing subscriptions.

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We have decades of legal experience that enables us to create a custom set of Terms of Trade for each specific trade type we cater to.

All are legally-sound crafted by expert legal minds. 

The downloadable Word document kit is available to download instantly.

Save straight to your own laptop or PC within seconds!

Simply click, pay, download and save to your computer. 

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Access our exclusive online Tradie Terms Help Centre which has everything you need to implement your Terms of Trade into your quoting software so that you can get professional with slick looking quotes and start getting paid faster.

Our help centre includes:

  • Set Up Steps on how to load your terms of trade into the right settings inside major software (Xero, MYOB, Fergus, Tradify, Simpro and more)
  • Quote & invoice templates ready to copy and paste so you can shine as a professional operator with that first impression
  • Customer service email templates to deliver key information in a professional, targeted way
  • Contracting checklists to help you apply best practice to stay on track
  • FAQs on how to Get Paid Faster to help you to address the gaps and issues that cause your payment hassles across quoting, terms and customer service

Grab your Terms of Trade Here

Are you ready to get protected and professional with solid terms of trade?

Check out our range of Terms of Trade Kits!

Tradie Terms

Start making profitable changes

How does it work?

Our Terms of Trade template kits are available to download instantly.

They’re written exclusively for tradies – there’s no frills, no lawyers, no offices, no hefty fees.

Just our tried and tested:

  • Downloadable Word templates for more than 30 trade types
  • Easy-to-Follow User Guides to Set Up into Invoicing Software
  • FREE expert bonus resources with email templates, trade credit account forms and more
  • FREE help centre with bonus, expert resources on how to use your terms to set smarter payment terms and Get Paid Faster

Downloadable word Terms of Templates to save, add your business details and you’re ready to use them!


Find your Terms of Trade for YOUR trade Here

User Guides with step-by-step  guidance on how to set up your terms of trade into your quoting software using the right legally wording to ensure they’re legit!


Grab your Terms of Trade Here

Access expert help without a single lawyer fee to gain valuable tips and helpsheets on how to:

  • use smarter payment terms to request payment earlier in your job cycle
  • apply email templates we include for FREE to become more professional 
  • follow simple but effective methods to avoid late payers 

Our unique blend of legal templates plus helpsheets created from real-life experience from more than 15 years running contracts is what makes us different to every other provider of Terms of Trade. 

We know how to show you how to use your terms and get paid faster. 

Grab your Terms of Trade Here


You can grab your instant, downloadable terms of trade for tradies across the range of services from waterblasting to landscape architecture to regular lawn mowing rounds.


Tradie Terms is passionate about sharing tips from our expert Sian Wingate on how tradies can get paid faster. 

We regularly host free webinars, training and blogs with selected partners. 


The sharpest tradies in the game are using our Tradie Terms of Trade Kits to get paid more often, create satisfied clients and regain control of their cash flow. Are you ready to join them?

What our tradies say

You don’t have to take our word for it – check out what the trades business owners we have worked with have to say about their Terms of Trade Kits™ and how it has changed their business for the better. 


"I sorted new terms of trade because I just wanted to make sure that my whole business is covered and I'm not losing out anywhere re variations and extra costs. Can be terrible for your business is you get it wrong.
I used Tradie Terms because I wanted to simplify this aspect as I'm just a tradie.

You've done that with the way your templates are written so I'm happy that's all covered off."

Scott Marriot, Plumber, Generation Plumbing

Keep up-to-date with the latest info and learn how to be the sharpest tool in the shed. Our quick, easy video tips are jam-packed with info that you can implement for free!

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Did you know that you each need specialist terms of trade suited to YOUR trade type? 

What makes Tradie Terms® the #1 for Tradies looking to get their trades biz protected is we’ve worked with more than 35 trade types. 

Each has a set of legal needs that are unique to their trade, such as:

>>hire arrangements for scaffolding & rigging businesses

>>workmanship guarantees from roofing contractors

>offsite custom joinery manufacturing for joiners and kitchen designers

You’re a specialist in your trade, our trade is creating specialist terms & conditions to get you legally-covered, protected and professional. 

The sharpest tradies in the game are using our Tradie Terms of Trade Kits to get paid more often, create satisfied clients and regain control of their cash flow. Are you ready to join them?