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Tradie Terms - the #1 solution for solid terms of trade & payment terms

Tradie Terms® was founded by former lawyer Sian Wingate to help trades business owners simplify their business quotes, use smarter invoice payment terms and have favourable terms of trade in place. It’s how plumbers, electricians, builders and other trade business owners understand the cash flow impact of payment terms, make their business legally sound & get paid faster.

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Invoicing early and often  increases the number of times you receive payment and boosts your cash flow.

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Using simple, clear wording in your quotes & emails makes your clients happier because they know what to expect at every stage. 

Tradie Terms get paid faster

control your cash flow

Providing your payment requests in a better way & backing it up with solid terms of trade puts you in control of your cash flow.

What's the process for working with Tradie Terms®?

Getting started

We deliver our Get Paid Faster training in four key steps. We do this because your time is precious and you need to be able to make simple but powerful changes in a short timeframe, without a single visit or call to a lawyer.

Our free, no-obligation, 15-minute chat is the best way to quickly figure out if our Get Paid Faster training can help you. Book your call here.

You’ll meet via Zoom with our Get Paid Faster expert.

We know your time is valuable, so we will send you a Preliminary Questionnaire to complete in order to help our expert make the most of your session.

During the session, you will be guided through a friendly Q&A on issues we noted from your questionnaire and how these can be solved in a simple and proven way.

We will take everything we’ve learned about your business and combine it with our proven method to produce your custom Tradie Terms Toolkit™, which has everything you need to implement what you’ve learned and start getting paid faster. This will include:

  • Terms of trade based on your expert session input
  • Quote & invoice templates ready to build into your invoicing software
  • Customer service email templates to deliver key information in a professional, targeted way
  • Contracting checklists to help you apply best practice
  • Personalised recommendations to help you to address the gaps and issues that cause your payment hassles across quoting, terms and customer service


You will also receive access to the Tradie Terms® Training Portal, which offers exclusive training videos and checklists on customer service and the nuts and bolts of your terms of trade.

After reflecting on the items in your Tradie Terms Toolkit™, you will have a 60-minute one-on-one Review Session with your terms of trade expert to:

  • Get answers to any outstanding questions
  • Refine your recommendations
  • Troubleshoot your implementation issues

Are you ready to get paid faster?

Get in touch to schedule a free 15-minute chat and learn how our Get Paid Faster™ training can help you and your business.

Tradie Terms

Start making profitable changes

How does it work?

Our training is practical and actionable in a no-fuss way. It’s made exclusively for tradies – there’s no frills, no lawyers, no offices, no hefty fees. Just our tried and tested Get Paid Faster Method™, easy to use tools and on-demand help.

Our Get Paid Faster Method™ helps you target where your quoting, communication processes and systems need to improve so you can increase payment frequency, reduce queries from customers and shore up your terms of trade to get protected. 

This blended approach of legal expertise delivered inside an easy-to-follow, guided method is unique to Tradie Terms®.

We work with you to build your customised Tradie Terms Toolkit™.

This contains personalised recommendations of key changes to make from your one-on-one expert session, custom terms of trade tailored to your needs, quote and invoice templates ready to load into your invoicing software, customer service email templates to be best-in-class and contracting checklists to help you easily implement the changes.

Our tradies (and their bookkeepers) love the simplicity and professional feel of these kits.

You’ll get help in your one-on-one sessions from a terms of trade and customer service expert who is fully clued up on how the trades work, and what your customer challenges are, all delivered in an approachable, no-fuss way.

Plus you’ll get access to exclusive bonus video training inside the Tradie Terms® Training Portal.

This blend of one-on-one and on-demand video learning is the most popular part of our unique method according to our customers.

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The sharpest tradies in the game are using our Get Paid Faster training to get paid more often, create satisfied clients and regain control of their cash flow. Are you ready to join them?

Tradie Terms
Hello, I'm sian

Founder Sian Wingate is a seasoned legal expert with two decades of legal experience and 10 solid years of working directly with leading civil works, construction and infrastructure contracting businesses. She helped these big corporates run solid contracting processes, tenders, proposals, invoice procedures and cost estimates. 

When she created a contract training programme for a multimillion-dollar business so it could outsource $80m of infrastructure and contract work, Sian realised her knowledge could powerfully transform businesses. 

And when she started to tell her tradie friends about her training she found out they experienced the same issues faced by big corporations.

Sian kept meeting more and more tradies who were going round in circles with clients, chasing payments, feeling fed up with customers calling the shots on their payments and starting to think that getting paid on time, in-full and without hassles was nothing but a pipe dream.  

So she started Tradie Terms® and used her extensive experience to help independent trades business owners, who don’t have access to costly lawyers and legal experts day to day.

Now, Tradie Terms® has a proven track record for helping tradies get paid faster with practical, actionable training.

What tradies say

You don’t have to take our word for it – check out what the trades business owners we have worked with have to say about the Get Paid Faster training and how it has changed their business for the better. 


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