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Do you want to


- without paying hefty legal fees or giving up hours and hours of your time?

Then you’re in the right place. Tradie Terms® will help you to take control of your cash flow and protect your profits. 

The #1 tradie training to protect your profits

How we will help you

Getting paid faster doesn’t feel simple when you’re struggling to get some clients to pay and you’re doing all the chasing up alone. 

With our expert help and easy-to-follow practical training, we’ll be able to guide you through making simple yet powerful changes that will result in you getting paid faster. Here’s how we do it:

Sort The Legal Stuff

Get sorted with solid terms of trade that will protect your profits and your cash flow in the best way for your business.

Simplify Your Quotes

Get help simplifying your quote documents so your customers know what to expect and what they’re paying for.

Speed Up Payment

Get smarter with your payment terms to speed up your payment frequency and improve your cash flow.

What You'll get

With Tradie Terms®

Two Expert Sessions

In these sessions you'll get personalised help specifically for you and your business.

Custom Terms of Trade

We'll work together to make sure your business and profits are actually protected.

Invoice & Quote Templates

These proven quote templates are ready to build into your invoicing software.

On-Demand Training Portal

Our Tradie Terms Training Portal™ means you can upskill when and where it suits you.

Terms of Trade
custom built for you
Quote Templates
ready to build into your invoicing software
Customer service email templates
to deliver key information in a professional, targeted way
Invoice template
ready to build into your invoicing software
Contracting checklists
to help you apply best practice
Custom Support
to help you to address the gaps and issues that cause your payment hassles
One-on-One Expert Sessions
so you can get personalised answers and help
Tradie Terms Training Portal
exclusive on-demand training videos and checklists to work with your timeline

What's stopping your business from getting paid faster?

Take the quiz to find out what changes you need to make to get paid faster. 

Do you need tradie training

Our free, no-obligation, 15-minute chat is the best way to quickly figure out if our Get Paid Faster training can help you. Book your call here.

You’ll meet via Zoom with our Get Paid Faster expert.

We know your time is valuable, so we will send you a Preliminary Questionnaire to complete in order to help our expert make the most of your session.

During the session, you will be guided through a friendly Q&A on issues we noted from your questionnaire, how these can be solved in a simple and proven way.

We take everything we’ve learned about your business and combine it with our proven method to produce your custom Tradie Terms Toolkit™, which has everything you need to implement what you’ve learned and start getting paid faster. This includes:

  • Terms of trade based on your expert session input
  • Quote & invoice templates ready to build into your invoicing software 
  • Customer service email templates to deliver key information in a professional, targeted way
  • Contracting checklists to help you apply best practice
  • Personalised recommendations to help you to address the gaps and issues that cause your payment hassles across quoting, terms and customer service


You will also receive access to the Tradie Terms Training Portal™, which offers exclusive training videos and checklists on customer service and the nuts and bolts of your terms of trade.

After reflecting on the items in your Tradie Terms Toolkit™, you will have a 60-minute one-on-one Review Session with your terms of trade expert to:

  • Get answers to any remaining questions
  • Refine your recommendations
  • Troubleshoot your implementation issues

What's the process for working with Tradie Terms®?

Getting started

We deliver our Get Paid Faster training in four key steps. We do this because your time is precious and you need to be able to make simple but powerful changes in a short timeframe, without a single visit or call to a lawyer.

We work with

trades business owner such as:






Are we the right fit for your job?

Should you work with Tradie Terms®? Is our training right for you?

We don’t want to waste your valuable time, so let’s find out if we’re the right match.

Tradies we Work Best With Are:

We’re here to help turn your

problems into solutions

It's time to stop

And start to feel

Tradies love us because

We get results

Take it from a Tradie Terms® Customer

Blake’s business BN Electrics was exposed with no solid terms of trade, now he’s feeling confident and covered.

Are you ready to get paid faster?

Get in touch to schedule a free 15-minute chat and learn how our Get Paid Faster™ training can help you and your business.

Start making profitable changes

How does it work?

Our training is practical and actionable in a no-fuss way. It’s made exclusively for tradies – there’s no frills, no lawyers, no offices, no hefty fees. Just our tried and tested method, easy to use tools and on-demand help.

Our Get Paid Faster Method™ helps you target where your quoting, communication processes and systems need to improve so you can increase payment frequency, reduce queries from customers and shore up your terms of trade to get protected. 

This blended approach of legal expertise delivered inside an easy-to-follow, guided method is unique to Tradie Terms®.

We work with you to build your own customised Tradie Terms Toolkit™.

This contains personalised recommendations of key changes to make from your one-on-one expert session, custom terms of trade tailored to your needs, quote and invoice templates ready to load into your invoicing software, customer service email templates to be best-in-class and contracting checklists to help you easily implement the changes.

Our tradies (and their bookkeepers) love the simplicity and professional feel of these kits.

You’ll get help in your one-on-one sessions from a terms of trade and customer service expert that is fully clued up on how the trades work, what your customer challenges are and is delivered in an approachable, no-fuss way.

Plus you’ll get access to exclusive bonus video training inside the Tradie Terms Training Portal™.

This blend of one-on-one plus on-demand video learning is the most popular part of our unique method according to our customers.

Check out our FAQs

Have questions?

We’ll send you an invite to book a time for a One-On-One Expert Session. You’ll select the time, pay (payment plans are totally an option) and get booked in. You’ll then be asked to fill out a 5-minute checklist. From there we’ll be with you every step of the way to help guide you through our proven method.

Tradie Terms is designed to help only trades businesses. We know that trades business owners are offered heaps of help for your health & safety training, your bookkeeping and your specialist skill area. But none for getting your terms of trade sorted and building a crystal clear quoting process to get you paid on time.

We’re on a mission to change that. We know the trades are the backbone of our communities. Without you, literally nothing gets built, repaired, maintained or connected. We want to equip you with the best contracting know-how by connecting you with an expert who has spent years training big industry and now wants to bring it to the smaller guys on the front-line.

We want to be your go-to place to get yourself clued up on all things T&Cs, best quoting layouts, best way to create emails and how to avoid using a debt collector.

Absolutely! We have had lawyers from your local state/country check these over to make sure they’re 100% legit. You create them using our software after you’ve completed your initial training in a one-to-one session and hey presto, you’ve got yourself legally covered.

Sorry, no can do. You create custom kits using our software and through your one-to-one training. This means that what will work best to get you paid faster won’t necessarily apply to your tradie mate. We love referrals though so if you want to sing our praises and pass a mate on who signs up for our service, we’ll shout you a prezzie card for $100. How does that sound?

Yep, this is completely an option. Everyone loves something for free. But if your goal is to build terms of trade that will protect your payment and profit, you need to have a solid understanding of how they help. Words on a page are not the fix. You need to wrap a top-class quoting process with excellent customer service information around your T&Cs if you want to get paid faster.

Thanks for asking, but we know your T&Cs aren’t enough to cut the mustard. Together, we will custom-build your T&Cs using our software. It’s a proven method that works every time so we’ll stick to that thanks. We know there’s so much more to getting paid faster than just your T&Cs. It’s what you’ll get from our expert training on all the non-legal stuff that will make the difference to getting paid on time. 

Not with us! We do have an office but you’re busy. You’re on the tools and have limited time to sort paperwork or attend meetings. So we meet you over Zoom from the comfort of your own home, office or site. That way we can share key info over screens and show you examples – it works way better than having to find a car park and sit in a stuffy office.

Tradie Terms is not a law firm – and we’re pretty proud of that. What we are is a team of ex-lawyers and customer service experts who can guide you to use our template kits plus a special blend of training so you can get legally covered but without the hefty lawyer fees. That means there’s no scary, suits ‘n’ shirts meeting here and no over the top lawyer language that you just can’t keep up with.

So we won’t be your solicitor/lawyer/attorney (whatever you call the legal guy or gal where you’re from). And because Tradie Terms is not a law firm, no one working here will be acting as your lawyer and no lawyer-client relationship is created if you choose to work with us.

We love this question. It means you value your time and your money. That’s a great start to working with us to protect your profits by getting payment in faster.

Our satisfaction guarantee.
If you’re not satisfied that our services have given you at least one clear way to make a change to get paid faster, we’ll refund the cost of your Tradie Terms Toolkit™. We don’t offer refunds for the one-on-one time (valued at $1500) because that’s already happened and is really valuable in itself as it’s completely tailored to your Q&A.

Our guarantee is on the downloadable kit we offer so your refund will be the balance of your payment after we’ve deducted the cost of the one-on-one time.

We’ll want to chat with you first to see what went wrong and whether it’s a problem with implementing our recommendations. We can often help steer you in the right direction.

Our refund policy is based on there being a genuine problem and not that you’ve changed your mind or feel like making the required changes has gone into the ‘too hard basket’. We can usually help with this too as we know the feeling of overwhelm. So get in touch first at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

You pay immediately using a credit card or debit card. You’ll be asked to make payment when you book you book in your training with us.

We offer payment plans to spread your payments over 3 months if you need help with cash flow.

Absolutely! In fact, most of the affiliate bookkeepers we work with asked us to offer this for their tradies so we introduced our payment plans last year.

We specialise in terms of trade so we do include an option to add-on a subcontractor agreement if you’re working with another business to sub work to. If it’ll be an employee based arrangement, we don’t offer this help but let us know in your onboarding session and we can refer you to our HR + Employment partners.

Well it depends how you look at it. Yes, we help you to avoid needing a debt collector after you’ve worked with us because your customer will be crystal clear about payments and you’ll be working better to collect payments in much earlier and faster in your job cycle. The Tradie Terms® Training Portal will include some do-it-yourself chasing emails and debt collection scripts. However, if it’s already got to that point, we don’t offer debt collection services. That’s a specialist service so you’ll need to get in touch with a certified debt collection agent.

Depending where you’re based, this is usually highly specialised and contains specific requirements for residential builds over a certain value. In NZ, for example, if your build job is for a new build over $30,000 (and when wouldn’t it be over this price), your Tradie Terms T&Cs won’t be detailed enough.

So we usually recommend you use the contract templates offered by your building association. If you’re stuck on what certain sections mean, hit us up and we will usually have an explainer video to guide you.

Yes you can. There are always options to add custom text, attach T&Cs or embed a link to terms you have added to a website page in the main trade software companies. We have worked with the majority of trades software companies to get the lowdown on how to do this so we’ll ask you what you use when you start working with us.

Are you ready to get paid faster?

Get in touch to schedule a free 15-minute chat and learn how our Get Paid Faster™ training can help you and your business.