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Let’s collaborate and get the tradies on your books paid faster!

Tradie terms partnership opportunities

supplement your income

Boost your business income with a commission for every Tradie Terms customer who comes on board with us. A win-win.

Build value for clients

Connect your clients with our unique, value-add service to make your practice stand-out against all the noise.

Unlock free training

Access our exclusive partner training resources to build your contracting savvy and add more value to your services.

Tradie Terms Affiliate Program

How do we work together?

At Tradie Terms® we know that tradies rely on their accountants, business consultants and bookkeepers to help them best navigate their business needs.

So we’ve created the Tradie Terms® Affiliate Program to build a community where we can support each other and help our trades customers to get paid faster.

Unlock Affiliate Benefits

Get access to exclusive training resources, unlock affiliate benefits, build value for your clients and supplement your income.

Tradie Terms
Meet sian

Founder Sian Wingate, is a seasoned legal expert with two decades of legal experience and 10+ solid years of working directly with leading civil works, construction and infrastructure contracting businesses. 

Sian started Tradie Terms® to use her extensive experience to help independent trades business owners, who don’t have access to costly lawyers and legal experts day to day.

Tradie Terms® has a proven track record for helping tradies to get paid faster with practical, actionable training. 

Hit play to learn why Tradie Terms® partners with accountants, bookkeepers and business advisors and how it can help tradies.

Why Tradie Terms

Tradie Terms get time

we'll be there every step of the way

We have a mutual goal – for your clients to get paid faster! We’ll work together to ensure their quote documents, terms of trade & payment terms work toward this goal.

Tradie Terms find financial freedom

purpose built resources for tradies

We’ve designed our service specific for tradies, using language they understand, tools they’re using every day and solutions that make sense for their business.

Tradie Terms get paid faster


A tradie getting paid swiftly and more often is the kind of client you need on the books. Together we can implement terms of trade and payment terms to stabilise their cash flow.

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Become an affiliate to unlock exclusive Tradie Terms® benefits specifically for accountants, bookkeepers and business advisors.